Bigotry, Not a Call For Peace!

People behind the advertisements “Call for Peace” promote discrimination instead of howling for peace.

I am just flabbergasted. The fact that only the Muslims are the instruments for their calls. A Muslim who speaks Tagalog and explains the reason why he came out from being a rebel, a Muslim who speaks in his dialect and tells as his good kismet after he had received the award for telling the militaries the where about of a felon, a young Muslim who appreciates the endeavor of the government in giving them the water facilities and some educational benefits. These are just among the many advertisements routinely aired on national televisions, done to promote the battle cry of the government for peace.

The intention is very clear. And anyone is aware of the reality that the government needs to initiate these moves. It’s just that the call is so irony and exaggerated.

Real Muslims love peace. We renounce war. Granting the verity that some had chosen to take the murky roads, to live on top of the law, but it doesn’t mean that Muslims are the only ones capable of doing such criminalities. Like what these television ads are showing to us. Wouldn’t it possible that a non-Muslim act on one of these advertisements and tell us that he want peace that’s why he chose to come out from being bandido, tadtad, NPA member and the likes. I mentioned these groups not because I revile them. They have their own reasons, their dogmas as what they call it. It is just that I want to emphasize that most of them are non- Muslims.

Religion is not the main issue here. Visibly, this television ad is bolstering this insult to the viewers. Any person, regardless of his status in life, religion and language, can be an instrument in the endorsement of peace. Not only a Muslim!



Rolly said...

You got me thinking there. I think you're right about those ads.

Do you personally know Norodin Makalay? We were both literary editors of MSU's student publication when I studied there. :-)


Norodin Makalay is a very good friend of mine. Both of us are officers of the young Muslim Professionals Council.